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What We Do

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Staying Active During Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has made life uneasy for just about everyone. 

Socializing became a lot harder for seniors, in addition to feeling isolated while struck with boredom.

Are you bored? Feeling lonely or Isolated? On a fixed income? Like you, many other seniors are too.

Sheltered In Place

Bringing Life To Seniors, is a health & wellness establishment that specialize in creating activity packages to help keep seniors active and living a healthy lifestyle.

We offer non- challenging, fun, and easy ways to keep busy while staying physically and mentally active at home.

Activity packages are mailed through priority mail to enjoy within your spare time or to share within our online activity sessions with other seniors. 

Online Social Network

Would you like to experience ''online group activities''?

Stay connected with grandchildren, family members and friends who live far away by taking advantage of our cost efficient online social network for seniors. 

Activity packages will also include tons of fun things to share with family and friends away from group sessions.

Two things needed to attend online group sessions:

  • Internet access
  • Cell phone, tablet or computer to attend private live activity sessions

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What our customers are saying

I know everyone is experiencing the same during these times, I only wanted to stay busy. I live alone, no caregiver. Bringing Life To Seniors activity packages helped me stay active while sheltered in.

I live in an assistant living home where activities end at a certain time. I go back to my room, alone, with nothing to do. Bringing Life To Seniors, activity packages has helped me stay busy during down time.

I am a caretaker to an elderly woman 101 years old. Before Bringing Life To Seniors I was always searching for things to keep her focused and busy. Thanks, Bringing Life To Seniors, your activity packages not only kept her busy but brought back memories of her youth.